July 2018 newsletter: Summer is FINALLY here!

Popsicles, pools and sunglasses are my accessories of choice so far this summer. I hope you all are enjoying every sunshine-y, gorgeous day! 

Photo by  Vicko Mozara  on  Unsplash

Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash

Let's make this one short and sweet. Inside this issue you'll find...

  • some stats to show what a great housing market we live in here in Ottawa!
  • while Spring did prove to be a bit challenging for buyers competing against multiple offers, in the big picture our rise in house and condo prices was average indicating a healthy market
  • RENOVATIONS!! Which renos pay off most when selling a home? Check out this handy chart for the answers. AND REMEMBER: your realtor is a great resource to guide your renovation - we know what trends buyers are leaning towards! 

Have a wonderful and safe summer! 

PS - watch your snail-mail in August for an invite to my annual apple picking event.