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Country road, take me home...To the place I belong.

Sometimes the best action is no action at all:
it's taking time to think, to mull things over, and eventually, when we are really still & quite, it's paying attention to that little guiding voice inside. It’s quite amazing the things you learn when that little voice has a chance to be heard. So that is what I’ve been doing lately – stopping, yielding to that voice, paying attention to what drives me and what makes me passionate.

Photo by  Bryan Minear  on  Unsplash

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

How does this relate to my business, you ask? Well, I’ve been on this road now for about 5 or 6 years…the bumpy road of entrepreneurship: learning and self-discovery. What makes Nancy tick?

As much as we’d all love to take off and kick the concept of 'working-for-a-living' to the curb, reality and mortgages and bills say we can’t. My road of entrepreneurship has led to what I’m doing now: real estate, and I love it. I’ve been practising for almost 2 years now and it’s hard to believe that much time has gone by already. The old adage of doing something you love so you never work a day in your life really does have merit! Nothing is perfect, and of course some days are tough, BUT they are tough in a way that is so meaningful and fulfilling. I wouldn't trade them for anything!

I love my business - helping, guiding and supporting people through one of the most intense, stressful and exciting times of their lives is nothing short of satisfying - but I knew there was something more to discover, like an angle I hadn't yet considered. Something was sort of tickling my mind, encouraging me to allow my business to grow and evolve without judgement or worry about 'where is this going?' and just TRUST. Businesses are little funny things - a lot like babies, they are born a ball of potential to be shaped and molded and grow.  Throughout the time that I was contemplating what my business what evolving into, I started to get back into horses and riding. 

Photo by  Jon Phillips  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jon Phillips on Unsplash

Short history lesson here: Anyone who has known me since I was a kid knows that horses have been in my blood forever. I lived, breathed, dreamed everything horses since I was a child. I rode for 6 years, getting to be a pretty decent rider,  jumping 1 metre fences and able to complete a dressage course. It was exciting. So last October I found myself once again in that familiar setting and I sank into it like a comfortable armchair, savouring every_little_bit. I was in a barn. I breathed in that horse scent. I was in heaven.

That was enough to give me the nudge to explore how horses could once again be part of my life. That itch wasn't leaving me alone so I paid attention to it, and started searching for opportunities that would allow me to be with these majestic creatures. A groom position at Wesley Clover Parks was the answer I was looking for! The more I became immersed in horse life, the more I realized how much I freaking missed it!! 

Fast forward a few months and I'm up to my eyeballs following horse-related Facebook groups of every kind. Like that kid from years ago, I can't get enough! While on these groups, I noticed something when a 'coming for sale soon' house was randomly mentioned by group member: people got really excited! They wanted to know more, wanted to see it, wanted to move there...and that's when the light went off...well it flickered. It wasn't a full on AH-HA moment, but something clicked. I reached out and found horse people looking for horse properties were very happy to have someone who knew both real estate and horses, help them out!


There is a need out there for someone to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers as a lot of opportunities are not listed for sale and looking for a horse property has a lot of factors and considerations that are unique to those properties and businesses. That someone to bridge the gap is me!

So now that I've solidified the vision for my business, I can say definitively, and with all my heart that I am dedicated to being THE horse property match-maker in the Ottawa area!

The way my groom position, my love of horses and real estate has clicked into place together is really inspiring me to reach for whatever is out there, to follow my passion, and listen to that little voice inside. 

So that is my announcement - I'm still continuing to provide dedicated service to my clients looking for and selling residential properties, but I will also be connecting with horse lovers, horse businesses and farms and driving all over the Valley to connect people with their perfect horse-loving spaces!

I've started compiling the lookers and the sellers, and I've already made some connections, so this focus and approach is definitely taking hold and I'm THRILLED! 

If you know of anyone that would make sense to add to my list of properties or buyers, please share with them what I am doing, who I am and pass along my name, email, website, even this blog post! If in doubt send me a text, email or call.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support and thank you for your business! So happy and excited to share this new direction with you all.