exclusive listing


Exclusive Listing

Click below to view more details about this home located in Stittsville in Fairwinds. Five bedrooms, finished basement, 3 full bathrooms, one half bath, main floor den/office, fully fenced & private yard with large deck.

Offered at $590,000.


Big and small, modern or traditional - let's chat about what's on the market!



So, you are looking for a house, or maybe you are not sure if it's time to sell your existing home - what if THE HOUSE for you isn't out there? What if you list your current home for sale, it sells but you can't find the next home of your dreams?! Disaster??

Without an experienced real estate professional, navigating these unknowns causes a lot more stress than need be. Believe it or not, it is not a requirement that buying or selling a home must cause ulcers, insomnia and high blood pressure, and I can show you how to remove the mystery and reduce the stress of home selling and buying. What if I told you it all starts with one step?


want to Remove the guesswork? start here.

Step # 1 is to chat about all of the criteria for your ideal home - location, must-have's & like-to-have's, price, and any other criteria that is important to YOU, be it a pool, treehouse or anything else! I want to listen to you. I want you to give me your long list of things you are looking for in a home. No filter. Let's start by starting.

From here, I do the work to find homes that meet this criteria, book tours and provide you with an educational and exploratory experience like no other, with the singular goal of helping you gain confidence in your knowledge by learning firsthand what is "out there"! 


Working with me means I work for YOU.

Finding the right home starts with knowing what is on the market and it's never too early to start looking. In fact, exploring homes and knowing the market is what I am here to help with, long before you are putting in an offer or the 'For Sale' sign goes up on your front lawn. Think of me as your Sherpa through a jungle of listings, processes and the 100+ steps towards home sale & ownership!

I am your guide, and recognize the importance of owning your perfect home, and am here for you every step of the way.


Ready to send me that long wish list for your next home?

Contact me using the link below, or text 613-286-1658