A passion project: small town revival
in Smiths Falls, Ontario


The concept

Buying, renovating & reviving the small town of Smiths Falls, one house (or business) at at time.

I am looking to work with families who are seeking a simpler life in a small town that is on the verge of revival. I will work with them to help buy the right house & continue to work with them, to guide the renovation process right through to fruition.

This town in particular is dear to my heart - it was home to my family for generations. I’d like to pay homage to this history, and put my skills & expertise to good use, helping to bring Smiths Falls back to its former glory, while paving the way for a brighter future.

The Background

This project is born from my passion for creating homes that are a haven, a safe space to thrive and grow. There is a joy unlike any other, created from having a place to call home - especially one that reflects the very soul of your family & life. I also LOVE houses, and old ones have a special place in my heart.

There are so many charming, beautiful homes in Smiths Falls just waiting for their encore, screaming for a make over - I want to answer that call to create beauty with a nod to the past.

My obsession with old houses coupled with my love of small towns like Almonte and Carleton Place, is driving me to ask ‘Why NOT Smiths Falls?’ I hope through this project to answer that call.


The background

Thanks to new businesses in the area (Russell Street is home to some quaint shops and places to eat like Café Whim) as well as Tweed’s large operation in the old Hershey factory which is getting a lot of media attention lately, Smiths Falls is ideally positioned for a revival. The more this is promoted, the more interest this small town will generate, and hopefully other entrepreneurs like those who ventured to set up shop in Almonte and Perth, will see the potential here too.

At less than an hour’s drive from Ottawa, its a great location to live and commute or visit for a Sunday afternoon excursion. In short, there is so much potential just waiting to be uncovered!

the mission

I’m looking for families who are already interested in a change of pace and looking for a small town to call home. I will work with them to find the right home, at the right budget considering renovation costs, and work with them on the design & renovation process with my network of mortgage specialists, contractors and suppliers.

The whole process will be recorded and promoted on my website, blog and social media using journal entries, video and photos. I will promote the project to local media in the Ottawa area. Ultimately, I would like to feature these projects in a pitch for a TV series.


Are you game?

Photo by  christian koch  on  Unsplash

One of my favourite and most beloved designer divas, Joanne Gaines, has coined the now famous phrase, “Do you have what it takes to take on a fixer upper?” I feel this is a very accurate question to pose. This project is not for the faint of heart!!

There is no doubt it will require a lot of patience, time and money. The good thing is, a large home with good bones in Smiths Falls can be purchased for under $200,000. Depending on the size, a minimum renovation budget of $100,000 is a reasonable expectation - often there is structural work to be done, as well as updates to plumbing, electrical, windows, insulation; all very un-glamourous but very essential elements to bring a home into this century, not to mention improving value.

To be clear, this is not a ‘flip’ project. The economy in Smiths Falls is just not there yet to support buying, fixing and selling for a profit over the short term. The vision for this project is to build equity in a home over the next several years, which is why it is important for potential candidates to be interested in living here for the longer term (5 years at least) in order to make the investment in a large renovation worthwhile. It is really important for potential clients to want to be part of the community and be part of the potential change this project aims to inspire.

The vision for this passion project is long term - to rebuild and rejuvenate this lovely community situated on one of Canada’s historic waterways - one house (or business) at a time.

I’m interested in also speaking with entrepreneurs and business owners who might be interested in setting up in Smiths Falls, so commercial projects are also very welcome.

Interested? Reach out to find out more & let’s see if there is a fit for this very special project. I welcome inquiries about specific properties and will review the potential project and costs before any request for a commitment is made. Ready to chat?